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Big, Bold and Beautiful

Big, Bold and Beautiful

I thought you might be interested to hear about a recent commission I had for two Harris Tweed lampshades in Raspberry Pink. Not just two Harris Tweed lampshades though these were BIG… well at least one of them was.

The first was big at 40cm diameter so I tackled that one first and set it aside but the 70cm diameter shade required a bit more thought and tactical planning.

First of all, how do I cut the laminate to the size required? For a shade this size 2.5 metres of laminate and about the same in fabric was needed.  Luckily, I always use special Extra Rigid laminate for most of my shades so I already had the required backing in stock, I find it simply produces a better quality of lampshade so therefore I always use it.

My workspace is relatively small so this was going to be a bit of a challenge.  I am, however, quite lucky in having a whole room dedicated to Lucy Wagtail (thank you dear hubby!).

After a much deliberation, pulling and cutting (with scissors rather than my usual knives and cutters). I worked it out and yes… the laminate was cut to size.

Next problem, rolling the shade. You see, 2.5 metres worth of working space was needed here but as luck would have it (well, should I say as I had commandeered the extendable dining room table for my workroom recently) my work table was just about the right size to allow me to roll the shade without too much difficulty. Well, when I say not too much difficulty, what I mean is once I had got the huge rings to stay upright and in the right place (with maybe one or two false starts), let’s just say another couple of pairs of hands might have come in useful!  However, once I had got going it was surprisingly easy to roll.

The finished result was (if I say so myself – stupendous!).

So, one 40cm diameter and one 70cm diameter Raspberry Harris Tweed lampshades and two matching cushions all ready for delivery to Kilmarnock, oh dear that sounds like a visit to IKEA on the way back…what a shame!

I think my customer was pretty pleased too. Here’s the largest shade on its gorgeous copper floor lamp is complimented beautifully by the gorgeous grand piano. Or is it the other way around?!

Large Harris Tweed Floor Lamp

A brilliant opportunity for me to push the boundaries, I so enjoyed making these shades!

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