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End of Term

End of Term


With the first day of Summer upon us I’m now bidding farewell to my lovely Spring students. All now fully fledged crocheters and knitters eager to embark on their own projects and start building their very own supply of “WIPs” and “UFOs”!

Thank you all for coming along to my classes, thank you for listening to my wittering on and thank you for giving me the opportunity to pass on some of my knowledge so that you can also experience the joy of craft.

We’ve had a lot of fun and laughs (not to mention some blood, sweat and tears!) along the way but with the perseverance and determination shown by all of my students I can (hopefully) safely say that you now all actually enjoy crocheting…. and remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

I have celebrated the coming of Summer by starting yet another project – well… with all that free time I’m going to have (HA!!) what else am I going to do?

I’ve decided to make myself something from this month’s Simply Crochet magazine. It’s this natty wee poncho… easy peasy it says! I’ve only had to frog it three times already.. DOH!

…but I must focus and remember “crochet is fun, crochet is fun…” and maybe with some of that perseverance I keep going on about, I might actually have a poncho ready for sporting at the upcoming Autumn classes. Which, incidentally, are now available for booking…. See you there !!

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