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In celebration of Mothers everywhere

In celebration of Mothers everywhere

Mothers Day - our mums
Mothers Day - our mums
Our Mums

In celebration of mother’s everywhere this Mothers Day, the Lucy Wagtail team would like to share the skills and life lessons that our mothers have passed down to us. After all Lucy Wagtail would not be what it is today without the skills that our owner Irene’s mother passed down to her and that she in turn is passing down to her daughter Ashleigh.  

Irene – Owner

Irene, grew up in a house bustling with creativity, thanks to her lovely mum Shelia’s many talents, most notably sewing, knitting and crochet.  

Having never learned how to crochet as a child and determined to learn the skill of crochet, Irene made a New Years’ resolution one year to learn and, with the patient help of her mum, she finally mastered it. Enjoying her new skill immensely, Irene decided to offer others the opportunity to learn the skill the same way her Mum had passed the skill on to her and in this way, Lucy Wagtail, was born. Initially offering crochet, knitting and other crafting classes in the evenings, Irene passed on her crafting skills to many, many others in the Inverness, Dingwall and Nairn areas and has kept in touch with many of her students to this day!

After a while Irene learned to hand make lampshades in all shapes and sizes to a high standard and with demand for these growing, the business grew from there. “I remember that I had a set of six week crochet classes all fully booked when the first lockdown happened and it broke my heart having to cancel them” Irene recalls.

The offering of in-person classes was then not an option for Lucy Wagtail but, in an unexpected twist, the demand for handmade lampshades and soft furnishings blossomed with more time during the lockdown for our customers to consider a freshen up at home. Because I was already shipping internationally the business was perfectly placed to meet this demand. We did, however, need to quickly move premises in between lockdowns as we outgrew the spare bedroom!

She remembers, “Mum always used to say “There’s no such word as “can’t!” instilling in her girls an inherent determination to strive to do their best at everything they do, taking on challenges head on and overcoming obstacles met along the way both in business life and day to day. An attitude that I hope I have passed on to my own daughter, Ashleigh, my son Ben and to my lovely grandchildren.” Irene says.

Shelia also taught Irene acceptance, to accept others for who they are. A lovely trait that we as employees can gladly say that Irene practices in her day-to-day life.  

Ashleigh – Head of Design

Ashleigh, Irene’s daughter, would like to thank her mum for teaching her patience. An invaluable skill for all mothers and in life in general. A skill that is also required for all the fabulous and painstaking lampshade designs Ashleigh dreams up in the workshop. Irene also taught her how to make all of the lovely lampshades that leave the Lucy Wagtail workshop, a skill that is already been passed down to her daughter (no pressure Alexis!) 

Lindi – Sales and Marketing Manager

Lindi would like to thank her mum for teaching her that “life is for living” a saying that has so much meaning to her she got it tattooed on her shoulder blade on her 50th birthday. Lindi’s mum also taught her how to keep her garden in order, and passed on her love of nature. 

Ava – Workshop Assistant

The lovely Ava would like to thank her mum the very talented founder of Port in my Storm Designs for teaching her how to be brave and kind. Skills that we can all agree are required for a happy life, and that Ava brightens our workshop every Saturday with.