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Introducing our independently designed fabric collections

Behind our New Fabric Collection

We’re delighted to introduce our brand-new fabric range designed in-house by Ashleigh Gibson of Lucy Wagtail Interiors.

From a small seed of an idea to a fantastic full range of fresh floral fabrics, our first fabric collection is gorgeous, sustainable and available in a beautifully classic colour palette curated to complement.

The Design Process

From one photograph of the Sage plant flower taken from Ashleigh’s own herb garden, she took the various parts of the flower as inspiration and created many drawings and patterns.

There was a mix of hand drawing and original lino print deliberately without much focus on clean lines in order to retain the character of the original artwork. This has resulted in a fantastically, vintage, rustic feel to our first range of fabrics.

Our new range of fabrics have been many months in development and we are delighted to finally make them available to you!

Our First Independently Designed Fabric Collections

Our first collections are Salvia and Sunflowers and Ashleigh is working on lots more exciting designs which will be available later in the year!

The Colour Palette

A muted, vintage colour palette was chosen to complement the designs and create a timeless option. The resulting fabrics offer an easy mix and match option for any room in the home. Vintage, Cottage Core vibes aplenty!

The Fabric

The fabrics we use are carefully chosen for their sustainability. We chose natural fibres such as linens, cottons and lawns and, in keeping with our drive towards offering more eco-friendly homeware choices, we will be printing these fabrics to order. This reduces any uneccessary wastage.

We have carefully selected our print supplier to ensure that the inks and pigments used for our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Eco Passport and GOTS certified. This means the inks do not contain chemicals harmful to humans and have been independently checked to ensure they have been made in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The Production Process

We have thoroughly enjoyed short listing from Ashleigh’s many fabric designs. From obtaining samples to ensure scale is correct to selecting fabrics for their textures, quality and sustainability credentials. We are proud now to present our first range of fabrics for purchase and for use in various soft furnishing items and look forward to presenting our next collection!