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It’s been a busy Lockdown!

The isolation that lockdown has forced upon us all over the last few months has, I’m sure, affected each of us in different ways. The thought of those who have been unfortunate enough to contract this virus and become unwell, or tragically worse, has kept us all doing our bit to contribute to bringing this horrible virus under control. From the fantastic job that those in the NHS and other front line workers have done to those of us who have simply adhered to the government guidelines and stayed at home I think everyone deserves a well earned pat on the back.

Our collective efforts have resulted in the first tentative steps towards getting back to “normal” … well a kind of normal I think! There’s been a few cotton masks rolling off the workbench over the last few months too.

From a personal perspective, I have worked from home for a number of years now but suddenly having my husband also run his business from home took “a bit of getting used to”! It seems that taping boxes together at posting time is actually very noisy when holding an online meeting! oops! However, after a couple of weeks of adjustment the two of us now work quite easily from the same wee house.

The most difficult aspect of this for me was not being able to spend time with our family and friends (I think the grandchildren have sprouted a foot each!) Thank goodness we can now meet up with them again.

Busy Busy!

Surprisingly Lucy Wagtail has been super busy over the last few months and I am so grateful to every one of my customers who have placed orders with me. Of course I would not have been able to continue to run my business had it not been for the delivery companies and of course Royal Mail. Deliveries and collections of mail being a vital function of my business.

New Branding

I have recently decided to update my branding and so over the next few weeks those of you who have been regular customers or visitors to my website, Facebook page or Etsy shop will notice a new logo, new branded tags and new business cards.

Gorgeous Macrame

I’m excited to say that my daughter, Ashleigh Gibson, will now be designing and creating hand crafted macrame lampshades and making them available to purchase here on my website. Click on the photo to take a closer look at this beautifully crafted lampshade.

Her gorgeous pieces are unique one offs so if you see something you like, you’d better be quick!

Macrame Lampshade
Deco Style Macrame Lampshade by Ashleigh Gibson