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Our new shop is open!
Lucy Wagtail Shop
Lucy Wagtail Shop, Canal Road, Inverness

We are so excited to announce the opening of our shop!

Now, in addition to our web shop here at and our Etsy shop, you can visit our shop!

Browse our handmade lampshades, cushions, throws and other soft furnishings available in a choice of fabrics and styles to suit your interior decor.

To coincide with the opening of our shop, we are pleased to introduce our eco-friendly range of lamp shades. Check out our fantastic range of shades using the fabulous linens from Ada & Ina, any of which can be ordered up for you. The lining used is an eco friendly board which is manufactured using paper and is therefore recyclable.

As you know we are environmentally aware at Lucy Wagtail and are working towards being more eco-friendly in everything that we do from packaging to making. So, look out for an opportunity for you to re-use your old lampshade in the making of your new one coming later in the year!

Our new shop is open!


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