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Refurbishment of Lampshades

Re-use, upcycle and refurbish…

One of the most satisfying aspects of our job at Lucy Wagtail Interiors is the refurbishment of lampshades. Tso old lampshades with their wonderful, quirky frames bring us great joy!

Remember those old, vintage soft bodied shades with their luxurious fringes sitting high and proud in a dearly loved relative’s sitting room? Although well preserved vintage shades are now quite sought after in their own right, sometimes although the shape is fabulous, the cover may not suit our décor right now.

Lampshade frames are available in a loads of different shapes and sizes, some plain and others rather decorative, and some of the most fabulous are quite a number of years old!

Refurbishment of Lampshades

At Lucy Wagtail Interiors, one of our missions is to save the lampshades! We walk a path of sustainability where we can and are actively introducing and changing our practices to embrace this both day to day and in our future plans.

We have, over the years, refurbished and recovered a number of soft bodied lampshades and the possibilities for these ugly ducklings are endless! Only the imagination is the limiting factor.

But of course, refurbishment does not just apply to these wonderful old gems, it also applies to those weird and wonderful lampshades that are the perfect size for that much loved lamp base that you just can’t bear to part with. Very often we find that the search for a new lampshade for it, in that particular size and in that particular shape and with that particular fitting but in another colour or pattern has thus far proven fruitless.

That’s where Lucy Wagtail can help. Now you can stop pounding the streets in search of your perfect lampshade, speak to us instead.

Have a look on our Refurb Gallery to see examples of our work in this area then head over to our blog and read about some of our lampshade refurbishment commissions.

Laura Ashley Pendant Chandelier saved from the skip!
Hand Sewn Mustard and Grey Harris Tweed with Cotton Lining
Refurbished Lampshade with Harp Fitting