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Colourful Striped Ball Candles by British Colour Standard (c) – Large or Small


Colourful ball candles with a twist.
We are proud to offer for sale these gorgeous eco, fair trade dinner candles are striped in bold bands of British Colour Standard Jet Black, Pearl White & Dove Grey.
Jet Black
Jet is the hard black lignite, which takes a brilliant polish, and by association the name has been used to describe the most intense black. Standardised in 1934.
Pearl White
The colour pearl is a pale tint of off-white.The first recorded use of pearl as a colour name in English was in 1604. Used in interior design when an off-white tint is desired.
Dove Grey
Matched to the plumage of the common Rock Dove.
Perfect for special occasions these unique candles make a wonderful gift.

Large Globe Candle Details:

100mm D
50 hour burn time, with a tall clean flame.

Small Globe Candle Details:

80mm D
25 hour burn time, with a tall clean flame.
Both Candles are non-drip.
Packaged in a crisp, kraft card box, easily recyclable
Fair Trade made, hand poured in Indonesia

No animal derived ingredients
100% Stearin wax (veg origin)
Pure cotton wick (lead/metal free)
Ecological colour dyes, paraffin free.
Candle Care & Safety:
Handle with care. The hand-poured nature of the product means that this is a delicate item and wax discs can separate if rattled too much.
Best when lit for 4 hours at a time
Stop burning when 2cm of unmelted candle remains
Leave 10 cm between candles when burning
Always place on a candle plate/holder



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