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Harris Tweed Heart

This tutorial is to provide a few extra pointers and tips to help you make your Harris Tweed Lavender Heart Hanger. Lucy Wagtail’s DIY Heart Kit is available through our shop.

A Whale of a Time also include this kit in their craft box.

You’ll need a sharp pair of scissors which are not supplied in the kit.

What’s in the Box? You’ll find everything you’ll need to make your Harris Tweed Heart right down to the needle and pins!

  • Instructions and special Lucy Wagtail Tips!
  • A generous piece of Harris Tweed
  • 3 pins and 1 needle (please keep these out of the reach of young children)
  • White sewing thread and coloured sewing thread
  • Harris Tweed Small Accessory Orb Label
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Pouch of dried lavender
  • Jute string
  • Lucy Wagtail Wooden Heart Tag
Heart Paper Pattern

First, take your heart paper pattern.

On your pattern you will see where you should place your Harris Tweed label when it’s time to sew it on, where the jute string should be placed and where to start and stop sewing when you are sewing around your heart a bit later on.

You’ll also see a black line just inside the edge running around the outside of the heart, this is a suggested sewing line for you follow when you are sewing around the edge of your heart. It doesn’t have to be exact, it’s just to give you an idea of where to sew.

Now, let’s get started!

Harris Tweed
Pattern Pinned on Harris Tweed

Fold your Harris Tweed in two, short ends together, as shown.

Next, pin your heart pattern to the Harris Tweed with the supplied pins.

Cut out Heart Shape

Now take your scissors and carefully cut around the pattern.

You should now have two heart shaped pieces of Harris Tweed.

Sewing on the Label

Now, refer to your paper pattern for guidance on the placement of your Harris Tweed Orb label.

Sew your label on using your white thread and the needle supplied.

When you have sewn on your label and referring again to your heart pattern, have a look to see where your jute string should be placed and place this (folded in two to form a loop as shown) in between the front and the back piece of your heart securing the ends (which should now be inside your heart) with a pin.

Heart Paper Pattern
Add Jute String
Leave opening for Stuffing

Place the front and back of your heart together, we’re going to start sewing around the edge. Your jute string should be pinned at the top, centre of your heart with the ends tucked inside your heart.

Have another look at your paper pattern to see where you should start sewing. Taking your coloured thread, start sewing where indcated and sew all the way around until you come to the jute string. sew a few extra stitches over the jute string to make sure it is secure.

Continue sewing around the heart until you reach the “stop sewing here” point indicated on your paper pattern.

This will leave a gap so that you can stuff your heart.

Stuffing Your Heart

If you would like to add lavender to your heart you can now either mix the loose lavender with your stuffing or pop the organza bag containing the lavender into the heart along with your polyester stuffing.

When you have stuffed your heart (not too much… just enough!) you can sew closed the opening.

You can thread your Lucy Wagtail wooden tag on to your jute string now if you like.

Well done!! Your Harris Tweed Lavender Heart is now complete and you can hang it up or give it as a lovely little hand made gift.

Look out for more letterbox kits coming from Lucy Wagtail soon!

Completed Heart