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Harris Tweed Keyring

Harris Tweed Keyring

Hi everyone and welcome to this Lucy Wagtail tutorial which is designed to go along with your purchase of my Harris Tweed Stuffed Keyring Kit available in my shop here. You can, if you already have everything that you need, follow the tutorial to make a keyring at home with your own materials.

I have made available the instructions which are included in the kit and throughout this tutorial you’ll see photos of any tricky bits to help you make your little keyring. Here we go!

In your kit you’ll find everything you’ll need to while away a couple of hours hand sewing a cute little Harris Tweed keyring complete with Harris Tweed Orb authenticity label.

The only thing you need to provide is a sharp pair of scissors.

Contents of Kit

What’s in the box?

  • piece of Harris Tweed
  • small Harris Tweed label
  • lobster clasp keyring
  • sewing needle
  • pins
  • pieces of sewing thread, one white, one coloured
  • piece of jute string
  • paper pattern
  • polyester toy stuffing
Harris Tweed and Pattern
Cut out your heart

Take your Harris Tweed, your pattern and pins. Fold over your Harris Tweed short end to short end so that the two ends meet and you have two equal halves. Pin the pattern to the Tweed and using sharp scissors cut around the pattern – don’t worry about seam allowance, this is taken in to account by the pattern.

Sewing on your Harris Tweed label

Now you’ll have two shapes the same size. Sew your Harris Tweed label on to one of the shapes – nice and central. Use the white thread for this and don’t make your stitches too large.

Attaching the keyring

Next, take the jute string, cut about 15cms and thread one end through the keyring end of your lobster clip and with the string folded equally.


Using the thread that blends with your tweed and doubling it over for extra strength, sew both ends securely on to the top of the other shape about 1.5cm down from the edge keeping about 2cms of string inside the shape with the remaining string (and clip) poking out the top.  Make sure it’s nice and secure – you’ll have to stitch over it several times.  This will be inside your keyring once you sew it together.

Now place both shaped pieces together with the jute string on the inside and the label on the outside.  Taking your coloured thread, carefully stitch around the outside of your shape, a seam of about 1cm has been allowed for and you should sew from the position (i) marked on your pattern all the way around to position (ii) and pause. This will leave a small open area for stuffing your keyring.

Cut out the shape
Sew your heart

Taking the polyester stuffing poke this into your shape, getting it into any corners (a pencil is good for this job). Don’t fill it too full but fill it with a good amount. Once this has been done, sew up the open section at the side following the same stitching line as before.

… and now pat yourself on the back because you have just made yourself a cute little Harris Tweed keyring!

If you have them, you can use pinking shears to trim the edge slightly which will give your shape an interesting edge.

You could pop some dried lavender in with your stuffing for a lovely scent.

You could omit the keyring and use the string to create a small hanging shape instead.

Harris Tweed Heart

Pinking Shears