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Sustainable, Ethical, Beautiful

Our move to more sustainable materials

Collection of Eco Friendly Pleated Lampshades
A selection of hand folded board lined lampshades with hand printed hemp paper outer.

At Lucy Wagtail we are continually looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic materials in our handmade products. We are therefore pleased to introducing a range of new products with this goal in mind.

Additionally, we are also moving forward to making our eco-friendly board linings our standard offering for hard bodied lampshades.

In recent years, it has become the norm that pvc has been the “go to” for lampshade makers and, while there are some decorative effects which would (for the moment) still need to use plastic, such as metallic linings, we are introducing materials to avoid the use of plastics in our handmade lampshades.

We already offer our linen and linen union shades with a board lining as standard.